Friday, April 30, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Wham Balm, Thank You, Ma'am: Nostalgia Organics Soaps and Toiletries

8 a.m.: coffee fix
11 a.m.: cigarette fix
4 p.m.: chocolate fix
You’re all about the quick and dirty. But isn’t it time to clean up your act?
Nostalgia Organics sustainable fair trade cosmetics will put you on the mend.
Creator Elea Lutz sources biodynamic oils and natural ingredients from around the world, then works her alchemy in an Arizona studio, transforming them into magical soaps and balms like Butterfly, whose ylang-ylang and lavender calm frayed nerves, and Twirl, a lemongrass/grapefruit blend that will have you skipping through the day.
The sweet retro packaging alone is enough to lift the spirits.
Go on then. You’d be balmy not to.
Available at Content Beauty/Wellbeing, 14 Bulstrode Street, W1U 2JG (020 3075 1006 or For more information, go to

Want to win an amazing gift bag filled with Nostalgia Organics products PLUS a $50 Visa gift card? We'll be giving it away on May 17th, so here's what you have to do to enter:

Go to iPetVet and vote for "Little Miss Dolly Parton". This is MANDATORY and must be done first in order for your entry to count! Leave a comment here telling us you voted! You can do this once per day. The link to vote is:

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Simple right? Only a few more days to enter so get going!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shop Bop: Shop Online at

Oh, the joys of shopping.
The pixie-thin saleswoman looking you up and down.
(So what if you’re wearing your gym clothes? When was the last time she took that cigarette out of her pouty little mouth and sweated, huh?)
And the mirrors. (Thank you very much: Nobody looks this thin in a mirror at home, so don’t even go there.) And the lighting. And the crowds. And…
Maybe you want all your New York City chic in one spot. Or you don’t live here, but love the style that comes out of this wonderful place. Two words: Hit You won’t regret it. Seven jeans online? Oh, my!
The brand roster is kickin’: D&G, Cosabella, Miss Sixty, Earl Jeans, Katayone Adeli, Seven, Theory…
Lazybums, rejoice. Homebodies, take solace. We’re looking out for you.
Log onto

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Giveaway: $100 Walmart Gift Card!

Ok everyone, we really need the help of our amazing readers! We are in the running to win a trip to the 2011 Final Four in the Dept. of Fannovation sweepstakes, and we need YOUR votes to make it happen! To thank you for helping us win our sweepstakes we are running a very special sweepstakes just for YOU! This one is super simple! All you have to do to be entered is VOTE FOR US! Voting is easy, just click the thumbs up button and your vote will be recorded. Then, come back here and leave a comment letting us know what our score is after your vote and your email address. You can vote once per day, and each time you vote you can leave another comment to earn yourself an additional entry. On March 13, 2010 we will choose one winner to receive a $100 Walmart gift card via from all entries received. Want additional entries? Tweet or blog about this giveaway and link back to this post. This can be done daily and you will receive 2 additional entries for tweeting, 3 additional entries for blogging. Just make sure to leave a seperate comment for each and include a link to your tweet or blog post. Simple right? Get started now - VOTE HERE!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knit Wit: Tink by Cathy wool bags

You have the woolly mittens.
The furry companion.
The cashmere slippers.
But somehow the go-with-everything beach bag that served you so well last summer doesn’t jibe with the winter get-up.
Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Check out Tink by Cathy wool bags, brainchild of designer Cathy Goldman. After years of knitting insanely cute bags for friends, Goldman took their follow-your-bliss advice and now cranks out the most adorable creations. Each bag is handmade with 100 percent wool and a unique vintage-scarf lining (so that no two bags have the same pattern). Select a bag from her collection or tap into your inner artist and choose from fourteen patterns and elegant handles to create your own.
A far — and happy — cry from those argyle bags your grandmother used to knit for you.
Available at Art Zen Gallery Store, 238 West 10th Street, between Hudson and Bleecker Streets (646-486-3222). To see styles and to custom-order, log on to

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blot Till You Drop: Mystic Maid Grease Blotters

We know your type.
You “scoop” your bagel. (Read: gut the bejesus out of it, tossing all traces of fluffy inside.)
You use the term skinny latte not only at your local coffee joint but in the privacy of your own home.
You could be a majority shareholder in Snackwells.
You freak.
Oh, and we forgot. You blot your pizza with a napkin. How dainty. Well buddy, you’re using the wrong tool. True fat-phobes have discovered Mystic Maid Grease Blotters, oil-sucking sheets of polypropylene and polyester. (Consider it lipo for fatty foods, and please let the lipo stop there.) Originally designed in large sheets to soak up oil after tanker disasters, they also do the job on gravy, bacon, and ham. Which makes them the perfect vacuum for the pools of grease on your slice. (And no napkin debris on the cheese!)
While you’re playing dainty … Yes, we’re sure they’ll work wonders on a shiny nose.
Available online at

Monday, February 1, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Pets Peeved: Mood Collar for Pets

You think you have mood swings?
Imagine being trapped in the body of a 140-pound Newfoundland, padding around in 100-degree weather, covered with enough hair to carpet a small studio apartment.
Not fun.
But how oh how can the beloved canine express his malaise?
a) Pee all over everything in sight — including, but not limited to your new carpet, Grammy’s vintage chaise longue, and those new Frette linens your spent a month’s salary on.
b) Plant his 20-pound head in the toilet, and splash water all over the house.
c) Mope endlessly for days, refuse all doggie treats, and pick unnecessary fights at the doggie park.
Yes, he may be man’s best friend, but even the most communicative canine gets the short end of the proverbial stick in the express-yourself department.
However is the diligent dog owner to know? With a dog mood collar, of course. Your pugilistic pug is pissed? Black! Labrador is listless? Reddish brown! So before you break out the puppy Prozac, do your homework and try to grasp what’s going on inside that fuzzy, furry head. They’re fashionable to boot, available in animal prints (redundant, but cute!) and patent leather. So your furry friend will always look good on the outside.
Even when he’s feeling a little ugly on the inside.
Available online at

The Fashionable Won is going to be giving ONE lucky reader a dog mood collar in their choice of size AND a $100 Visa gift card to purchase some of your own favorite products for your furry friends.

Here's what you have to do to win:

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free to Be...Put your picture on an Anya Hindmarch bag

So what do you want to be?
A policeman? A fireman? A teacher? A mother?
Or-sigh-have you finally owned up to the fact that you’ll never be anything more than a hopeless, highly consumptive style-obsessed creature?
Whatever to do? Own it! Do something with it! You like to shop. You have a little narcissism thing going on. So check out, the coolest concept we’ve stumbled upon in some time. You can now choose your own photograph to be transposed onto an Anya Hindmarch bag. And all that “Me! Me, Me!… More! More! More!” energy can go to a good cause. Ten British pounds from each bag sold will be donated to Lavender Trust, benefiting Breast Cancer Care’s services. An additional ?5 goes to the American Relief Fund.
And did we mention that everybody’s doing it? Promoting the service are 100 leading ‘style icons’ (including Manolo Blahnik, Jerry Hall, Jimmy Choo, Kate Winslet, Christian Louboutin, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Paul Smith…the list is endless). Who knew that such style-endowed creatures, after all these years, really just wanted to be a bag?
So yeah, there are a million ways to be. Here’s one that we think rocks.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freddy's Back: Fred Perry clothing line

Puma did it.
Adidas did it.
Converse, Stan Smith…need we go on?
We have two words for you: Freddy’s back. As in Fred Perry, maker of those signature tees and the matching track jackets.
Founded by the only Brit ever to win Wimbledon (a record the country can’t be proud of), the Fred Perry line had its heyday in the Carnaby Street years, when it was adopted by Mods. Now the very-very company with the coveted wreath logo has come back around, billing its various lines as “sports authentic,” “modern authentic”, and, we have to admit, our favorite, “pure tennis.” (As opposed to “impure tennis,” which we would never endorse.)
Be the first to bring back contrast piping and signature warmup jackets. At least until the Le Coq Sportif revival hits full-swing.
Available online at

Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Me Do: Love Handle Cream

You’ve lovingly accepted just about everything about him: the toilet seat up, the clothes strewn about, the cereal bowl in the sink, the absolute refusal to ask for directions…
But there, lurking right below the ribs, above the bum, is the potential deal breaker: the love handles.
Face it. There’s nothing lovable about them. The rocket scientists at Nickel Spa say it’s male cellulite. And because it’s different from the girls’ garden variety in cell structure, the treatment options aren’t the same.
Hence the newest product targeted at battling the bulge. No, it’s not the Abdominizer. It’s Love Handles, a cream that purports to melt the stuff away. (The fine print: in combination with diet and exercise, of course.) The active ingredients are pineapple enzyme, essence of — we’re not making this up — “the carnivorous plant drosera,” and caffeine. There’s also papaya, menthol, and wheat protein thrown in for kicks. Tasty as it all sounds, you apply it, um, topically.
Skeptical? Oh, just a touch. Try it anyway? Absolutely. Just tell him it’s massage cream.
Available online at; or by phone at 888-642-8289.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Your Pearly Gates: Go Smile Tooth Whiteners

True-confession time: We had a crush. (Who? Us?)
Got the dinner invite. So far, so good.
We had to be bold (Who? Us?) and forgo a first-date-play-it-safe meal like salad and pasta. Bring on the squid cooked in its ink! Three bites later, the victim, er, date, said something funny, and we laughed. Dreamboat looked back in horror. Um, it wasn’t a joke?
A trip to the loo revealed the problem: black teeth. (Guess the red wine and espresso didn’t help.) If only we’d had Go Smile!
Think of it as cover-up or, better yet, Shout laundry wipes for your teeth. Go Smile’s concentrated whitener comes packaged in a chic little vial. You leave it on for fifteen minutes twice a day to get your teeth as white as snow — without the hassle or expense of the dentist. And make sure to keep it handy for quick fixes during dinner emergencies like ours.
And next time … stick to salad.
Never mind about the spinach leaves.
Available online at and at Fred Segal Apothia, 8118 Melrose Avenue, at Crescent Heights (323-651-0239).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vitamin M (as in Miracle?): B Complex, the Thin Vitamin

Hey, you! Get your face out of that bowl of pasta. How are you going to fit into your new jeans this weekend?
We know, it’s so unfair. Your skinny-minnie friend is hoovering Alfredo across the table, unconcerned about her hips. Is it her metabolism? Or … You have to ask.
“Do you, um, take something?”
Bingo. She does. Her squeaky-clean secret? GNC’s B-Complex 125 with Vitamin C. She swears relief from your fatty slump is available over the counter at the nearest health-food store. Is it legit? We’re on the fence — and suspect this belongs on the hope-in-a-bottle shelf, right next to anti-cellulite cream and the overnight zit zapper. But we can’t deny that B-12 is an energy booster, mood lifter, and metabolic stabilizer. In other words, it won’t hurt. And if it’s the best we can get, we’ll settle for the placebo effect.
Sound like Lucy Ricardo’s pitch for Vitameatavegamin? Bring it on. And pass the pasta. With two brioches and one sesame bagel on the side, please.
For more information and locations of GNC stores nationwide, log on to Or purchase online at

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gee, Your Skin Smells Terrific: Body Mints

St. John’s wort lifts moods. Echinacea and vitamin C cure colds. B-12 boosts energy.
Supplement, shmupplement. Want to swallow something impressive? Try a B.O. pill.
Body Mints are the first all-natural, edible deodorant. Developed in Hawaii, the daily purports to “eliminate odors from head to toe,” which means everything from morning breath to smelly feet. How? They contain chlorophyll, an organic stench stopper.
Of course, you aren’t the one stinking up the yoga studio (on that too-fancy Gucci mat). But if someone you know is suffering from a nasty case of garlic breath, you might want to slip them a Body Mint.
Trash the trusty roll-on? Not yet. But how else are you going to get full-body minty freshness?
Body Mints are available at Fred Segal Essentials, 500 Broadway, Santa Monica (310-394-8509). To order, call 866-BODYMINT, or visit

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Excess: Florence Gunnarson Perfume

Hey, slick.
When was the last time you took a proper bath? (Or, pardon us, when was the last time you “drew” yourself a proper bath?)
In Hollywood’s heyday, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor used Florence Gunnarson oils by the gallon to scent their swimming pools. (Their scent of choice was the exotic No. 67.) Pools may be in short supply today, but your cozy bathtub is ready and waiting for the Gabor treatment.
Created more than 60 years ago for movie stars, First Ladies, and high-society pals, Florence Gunnarson bath oils are still popular with the rich and famous (Donatella Versace, Charlize Theron, Hugh Jackman). The five original essential-oil based fragrances (No. 67, Wild Fern, White Blossom, Deco No. 23, and Mary Black) can be used as bubble bath, shower gel, or perfume.
A drop is all you need to feel divinely decadent, dahlink.
Available at Barneys New York, 660 Madison Avenue, at 61st Street (212-826-8900). Call (800-337-6870), or buy it online at

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hey Fat Phobes! Body Fat Measuring Scale

Who the heck is Tanita?
Whoever she is (is she a she?), we’re not sure how much we like her.
Thanks to this Tanita chick, fat neurosis has spawned a new head.
Yes, Tanita’s Body Fat Measuring Scale uses electrical signals to calculate not only weight but body-fat percentage. (Is this getting fun or what?) The memory stores personal data (age, weight averages, if you ever inhaled…) in order to monitor fat levels. And the modern design looks like sleek stereo equipment for your bathroom floor.
So if you’re thinking that your backside is becoming less J. Lo and more Heavy D. — now you can have a scale by which to measure your fear.
What we want to know: This Tanita…Can she say no to a few spoonfuls of New York Super Fudge Chunk before bed?