Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gee, Your Skin Smells Terrific: Body Mints

St. John’s wort lifts moods. Echinacea and vitamin C cure colds. B-12 boosts energy.
Supplement, shmupplement. Want to swallow something impressive? Try a B.O. pill.
Body Mints are the first all-natural, edible deodorant. Developed in Hawaii, the daily purports to “eliminate odors from head to toe,” which means everything from morning breath to smelly feet. How? They contain chlorophyll, an organic stench stopper.
Of course, you aren’t the one stinking up the yoga studio (on that too-fancy Gucci mat). But if someone you know is suffering from a nasty case of garlic breath, you might want to slip them a Body Mint.
Trash the trusty roll-on? Not yet. But how else are you going to get full-body minty freshness?
Body Mints are available at Fred Segal Essentials, 500 Broadway, Santa Monica (310-394-8509). To order, call 866-BODYMINT, or visit

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