Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Your Pearly Gates: Go Smile Tooth Whiteners

True-confession time: We had a crush. (Who? Us?)
Got the dinner invite. So far, so good.
We had to be bold (Who? Us?) and forgo a first-date-play-it-safe meal like salad and pasta. Bring on the squid cooked in its ink! Three bites later, the victim, er, date, said something funny, and we laughed. Dreamboat looked back in horror. Um, it wasn’t a joke?
A trip to the loo revealed the problem: black teeth. (Guess the red wine and espresso didn’t help.) If only we’d had Go Smile!
Think of it as cover-up or, better yet, Shout laundry wipes for your teeth. Go Smile’s concentrated whitener comes packaged in a chic little vial. You leave it on for fifteen minutes twice a day to get your teeth as white as snow — without the hassle or expense of the dentist. And make sure to keep it handy for quick fixes during dinner emergencies like ours.
And next time … stick to salad.
Never mind about the spinach leaves.
Available online at and at Fred Segal Apothia, 8118 Melrose Avenue, at Crescent Heights (323-651-0239).

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