Friday, January 1, 2010

Hey Fat Phobes! Body Fat Measuring Scale

Who the heck is Tanita?
Whoever she is (is she a she?), we’re not sure how much we like her.
Thanks to this Tanita chick, fat neurosis has spawned a new head.
Yes, Tanita’s Body Fat Measuring Scale uses electrical signals to calculate not only weight but body-fat percentage. (Is this getting fun or what?) The memory stores personal data (age, weight averages, if you ever inhaled…) in order to monitor fat levels. And the modern design looks like sleek stereo equipment for your bathroom floor.
So if you’re thinking that your backside is becoming less J. Lo and more Heavy D. — now you can have a scale by which to measure your fear.
What we want to know: This Tanita…Can she say no to a few spoonfuls of New York Super Fudge Chunk before bed?

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