Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freddy's Back: Fred Perry clothing line

Puma did it.
Adidas did it.
Converse, Stan Smith…need we go on?
We have two words for you: Freddy’s back. As in Fred Perry, maker of those signature tees and the matching track jackets.
Founded by the only Brit ever to win Wimbledon (a record the country can’t be proud of), the Fred Perry line had its heyday in the Carnaby Street years, when it was adopted by Mods. Now the very-very company with the coveted wreath logo has come back around, billing its various lines as “sports authentic,” “modern authentic”, and, we have to admit, our favorite, “pure tennis.” (As opposed to “impure tennis,” which we would never endorse.)
Be the first to bring back contrast piping and signature warmup jackets. At least until the Le Coq Sportif revival hits full-swing.
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