Friday, January 15, 2010

Vitamin M (as in Miracle?): B Complex, the Thin Vitamin

Hey, you! Get your face out of that bowl of pasta. How are you going to fit into your new jeans this weekend?
We know, it’s so unfair. Your skinny-minnie friend is hoovering Alfredo across the table, unconcerned about her hips. Is it her metabolism? Or … You have to ask.
“Do you, um, take something?”
Bingo. She does. Her squeaky-clean secret? GNC’s B-Complex 125 with Vitamin C. She swears relief from your fatty slump is available over the counter at the nearest health-food store. Is it legit? We’re on the fence — and suspect this belongs on the hope-in-a-bottle shelf, right next to anti-cellulite cream and the overnight zit zapper. But we can’t deny that B-12 is an energy booster, mood lifter, and metabolic stabilizer. In other words, it won’t hurt. And if it’s the best we can get, we’ll settle for the placebo effect.
Sound like Lucy Ricardo’s pitch for Vitameatavegamin? Bring it on. And pass the pasta. With two brioches and one sesame bagel on the side, please.
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