Friday, February 12, 2010

Blot Till You Drop: Mystic Maid Grease Blotters

We know your type.
You “scoop” your bagel. (Read: gut the bejesus out of it, tossing all traces of fluffy inside.)
You use the term skinny latte not only at your local coffee joint but in the privacy of your own home.
You could be a majority shareholder in Snackwells.
You freak.
Oh, and we forgot. You blot your pizza with a napkin. How dainty. Well buddy, you’re using the wrong tool. True fat-phobes have discovered Mystic Maid Grease Blotters, oil-sucking sheets of polypropylene and polyester. (Consider it lipo for fatty foods, and please let the lipo stop there.) Originally designed in large sheets to soak up oil after tanker disasters, they also do the job on gravy, bacon, and ham. Which makes them the perfect vacuum for the pools of grease on your slice. (And no napkin debris on the cheese!)
While you’re playing dainty … Yes, we’re sure they’ll work wonders on a shiny nose.
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