Thursday, December 10, 2009

The New Frenchie: The new french manicure

We’ve been air-brushed. Initialed and laced, too. We even (nuts, but true) had our toenails bedazzled. There’s nothing new to be done to nails, right?
Wrong. We recently spotted a great new look and we’re obsessed. The half mannie. Consider it a low maintenance Frenchie.
This look is ideal for the girl who chips her polish, works with her hands, and doesn’t have time for weekly updates (you know, real girls). We spotted it on Nevena Borissova, the insanely style-endowed owner of Curve. How’s it work? Easy. Paint just the tips of your nails any bright color. Silver and red are favorites, but you can color coordinate with your outfit if that’s your bag.
Best of all, since you do it yourself, you can save your manicure dough for something more practical like, um, a facial.

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