Tuesday, December 1, 2009

His and Her Antacid: Tums for PMS

You know how giddy we get in the drugstore.
Oh, all those products!
Dental Dots! Crest White Strips! Magic zit cream! The new Venus razor!
But our latest foray into that land of cosmeto-pharma-haze stopped us dead in our tracks.
Right there. Next to the Mylanta.
PMS Tums.
Sure, we’re suckers for anything that resembles candy. And yeah, heartburn can be a problem with all those love woes, that boy confusion, nasty breakouts, and those sceney restaurants. Add in a bit of PMS…and whoa!
We were riveted. So we started reading the label. Hmmm…The ingredients seemed pretty darn similar to regular Tums’. Nevertheless, the bottle made it into our shopping cart.
Marketing ploy or real McCoy? Your call.
Our only confusion: Are these “special” Tums meant for women suffering from PMS or for the heartburn-stricken men who have to deal with them?

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